We can thoroughly clean your Oak giving you the beautiful Oak Frame that you had imagined.

We have developed this system over a number of years and have found it to be much cleaner and gentler on the oak than traditional cleaning methods such as shot blasting and pressure washing.

Cleaning using this method removes :

  • Nasty water marks

  • Black marks from transportation

  • General footmarks

  • Marks from the construcion process

  • General weather marks and tanning

  • Oak_Beam_Cleaning_1A.jpg
  • Oak_Beam_Cleaning_1B.jpg
  • Oak_Beam_Cleaning_2A.jpg
  • Oak_Beam_Cleaning_2B.jpg
  • Oak_Beam_Cleaning_3A.jpg
  • Oak_Beam_Cleaning_3B.jpg
  • Oak_Beam_Cleaning_4A.jpg
  • Oak_Beam_Cleaning_4B.jpg